Kewl: Deep dive into Tokenomics

3 min readMar 9, 2023

Kewl is a multichain NFT marketplace for Web3 Gaming built for players where they can explore, collect and sell in-game assets of blockchain games.

Why Kewl needs a token, how useful it is for the whole ecosystem?

While we are creating Kewl as a marketplace for gaming assets motto, in fact, it means much more as an ecosystem.

Kewl is a gaming hub for players to socialize on gaming, create their rooms and compete with each other and technically, it enables players to play their favorite blockchain game on one platform, Kewl.

Kewl is an open-market for gaming assets, created for the nature of the NFTs such as ownership and immutability.

Kewl provides no-code development tool for game developers to create their gaming assets just by uploading their images and using their imagination. The created asset is as smart as possible to act as a gaming character.

So we’re not just building a marketplace, we’re building an ecosystem.

And we have created $KEWL, to empower the whole of it.


Kewl is the native token created for the Web3 Gaming and Kewl ecosystem which is used for trading, staking, training AIs, airdrops and more.

Trade and stake to earn more, pay less

Staking and trading on Kewl platforms will be incentivized with Kewl token with the balance of supply and demand.

Upgradable AI-powered NFTs

Kewl provides a no-code development platform for developers to create AI based trainable gaming NFTs, and powered with Kewl, used in minting and training.

KewlPass NFT Card

KewlPass is a utility NFT of Kewl products to incentivise users, and is minted with Kewl.


Vote for the future of Kewl by using your Kewl token. Proposals will relate to the future development and expansion of the protocol.

Get NFTs, Tokens, Games… early

Stake and earn a right to participate next IDOs, IGOs, INOs and be early adopter in Web3 gaming ecosystem.

KewlPass NFT

KewlPass is individual and permanent NFT Card of Kewl allowing players to pay less fees and earn more fee rewards when trading on the platform.

NFT Holders have an opportunity to collect loots, airdrops, mystery boxes and whitelists from partner games.

KewlPass is purchased with $KEWL.

More with numbers

“We have designed the tokenomics to empower the community-drive effect on ecosystem.”

One of the main features of $KEWL is that we share our revenue with game developers and stakers on the platform.

There are more than one pools that holders can stake their $KEWL token and start earning native tokens such as $BNB, $ETH, $MATIC besides $KEWL.

Rather than economical side, Kewl can be more than just a blockchain-agnostic platform to Layer-1 blockchain network for adding many more utilities to $KEWL such as paying for gas fees and purchasing NFTs.

Initial circulating supply : 50M

Initial Market Cap : $200K

We are working hard to make the best for KEWL and Web3 gaming community, and more is to come. Stay tuned.

“Kewl is in the center of everything — Web2 and Web3 Games, community and studios, simplicity and ultimate sophistication. We are building with passion to revolutionize blockchain gaming with new way of perception.”

Join the revolution of Web3 Gaming

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