Introducing Kewl: Gaming NFT Marketplace

4 min readDec 15, 2022

Kewl is a multichain NFT marketplace for Web3 Gaming built for players where they can explore, collect and sell in-game assets of blockchain games.

Story Behind

“written by the CEO — Ekrem Bayraktar”

“As a qualified team who are confident of themselves, we had been developing a Web3 Game (not delivered) with the wisdom we had from investing, advising, using blockchain games besides over 5 years of blockchain experience.

We had done everything right — revolutionary upgradable NFTs with diamond storage technology, deflationary economy over 8 years, great usecases for NFTs with hash power and staking mechanism, persuasive game theory for attracting players etc.

While developing such a complex blockchain game, we have battle-tested every structure and overcome many problems a Web3 game encounters.

Consequently, we have learned a key lesson that either a Web3 game is successful or well-designed, or has good art and animations, what makes a game blockchain/Web3 is the NFTs. Because a blockchain game can exist without play2earn mechanisms, without tokens, but still can be a Web3 Game thanks to NFTs. Whatever people develop as blockchain game, everything can be relative except the NFTs. “

Without NFTs, without their usecases,

a blockchain game can not be identified as Web3.


Realising the importance of the NFTs, we have figured out that the next generation of blockchain games will turn every gaming asset into NFTs, add many usecases — NFTs will be upgradable and downgradable, and serve as immutable artificial intelligence that provides identity to players.

Kewl has come into existence in the need of trust, open-market of gaming assets while GameFi is has gaining influence in blockchain industry.

We have built a NFT infrastructure serving not only to the players with turning gaming assets into NFTs and make them tradable, but also to game developers that would like to develop their game on blockchain technology.

We create a Web3 gaming ecosystem where high quality games and players come together, making Kewl a leading GameFi accelerator in growing blockchain gaming industry.

Kewl for Players

Discover and play high quality blockchain games.

Kewl is a Gamefi aggregator as nature where players will find high-quality Web3 games, play them on the Kewl, experience the real fun on one place.

Explore, collect, sell , rent gaming assets without limits.
Kewl is an open-market for in-game assets where players can trade, collect, sell or rent gaming NFTs easily without limiting themselves with networks.

Join Gaming offerings.

Becoming a trust-layer between players and game studios, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, Kewl serves as launchpad for high quality games where players and developers come together.

Jump between networks easily, supported with Kewl Wallet.

Kewl is a multichain NFT marketplace for Web3 Gaming, with wallet designed only for players, NFT collectors, making everything easy and simple as it should be.

Project Eluüne is not a partner of Kewl

Kewl for Developers

Create a Web3 game on Kewl

Meet with an ultimate NFT technology via which creating gaming assets is one click, and game developers do not need to write a single code. Uploading images is enough to create a Web3 in-game asset in ERC-1155 called upgradable NFTs.

Reimagine your world with Kewl.

Game developers can add unlimited number of properties and stats to their gaming NFT such as Health, Defense, Speed, Attack Power and more. Heroes, classes, items… as everything created is upgradable, the game will be fully on-chain, playable, and fun according to your imagination.

Integrate your gaming NFTs into game engines.

We offer developers a Simple Development Kit (SDK) so that they can add created NFTs into the Web3 game easily.

“Kewl is in the center of everything — Web2 and Web3 Games, community and studios, simplicity and ultimate sophistication. We are building with passion to revolutionize blockchain gaming with new way of perception.”

Join the revolution of Web3 Gaming

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